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Use this directory tool to search for the professional in the language combination you require or by last name.  If searching by language combination, you can narrow your search further by choosing the membership category and tier you prefer to view. 

Certified Translator / Certified Interpreter: Have passed the national certification
process. They have successfully completed the certification exam set by the Canadian
Translators, Terminologists and Interpreter Council (CTTIC) or submitted a large body
of their work to an evaluation committee.

Associate Translator / Associate Interpreter: Translators with limited experience or
training that will challenge the CTTIC certification exam in the future.

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Lastname Firstname City Email Phone View
Xia Rebecca Xinzhuo Calgary 403 680 1732
Xiang Sarah Mei Calgary 403 401 6076
Xue Rui Calgary n/a
Yang Huning Calgary 403 685 9558
Yeh Ching-ching Calgary 403 890 9990
Youssef Ahmed Calgary 403-922-7012
Zalewski Frank Edmonton 780 430 8747
Zamarska Kasia Edmonton 780 982 7112
Zhang Lixia (Lisa) Calgary 403 775 5028
Zhang Hong Yu Calgary 403 796 4711
Zhang Yang (Amanda) Edmonton 780 238 8911
Zhang Tao Edmonton 780 437 5745
Zhu Wenbei Calgary 403 975 1535
Zhu Janet Qinghua Edmonton 780 489 8178